Peterson Family

School is much easier. I feel like I’m not afraid of doing school anymore. Now I won’t mess up as much as I used to.
Gavin l Son

Gavin is so much more confident about reading - and himself - since starting at Haley’s Hope. He was so discouraged before, so frustrated with himself for not being able to read. Just getting him screened and finding out he has dyslexia and dysgraphia was such a relief. It explained so much!
Amanda l Mother

For me, getting tested just explained why I had a hard time in school. Now, when I run into reading or writing problems, I can use my understanding of my dyslexia to better and more quickly work around those problems.  
Jason l Father

When I was diagnosed, I kind of felt happy because it meant I could get more help and people could better understand how hard some things are for me. I get tutored at home for spelling now, and I'm already getting better at it.
Natalie l Daughter