Joel & Sandy | Daughter Kennedy


I found out I had dyslexia when I was 10. Since then, I have been working hard with my awesome instructor, Mel, at Haley's Hope. Here is my story.

Reading, writing, and spelling were always a struggle for me. Ever since kindergarten, my parents hired teachers to help me work on these skills during the summer. Every year, I would start school and every year I still felt behind. I worked super hard during the day and got pretty good grades, but when I came home, I was exhausted and the thought of doing homework was really stressful; it always took me twice as long as the teacher said it would.

My mom and dad saw my frustration and decided it was time to do something more. In 4th grade, they requested testing through the school. The results didn't show enough of a learning difference to qualify me for any extra help. Then my parents brought me to a neurologist. I went through rigorous testing which finally revealed why I was having such a hard time reading, writing and spelling - I have dyslexia. Next stop: Haley's Hope!

I have been tutoring at Haley's Hope with Mel, since June 2014. My reading, writing and spelling have all improved because she teaches in a way that truly makes sense to me!

Having dyslexia at school can be difficult because my brain thinks differently. The techniques I've learned at Haley's Hope help me to be a better and more confident student.

"I now understand my learning difference does not limit me… I can do everything everyone else does; I just have to go about learning it a different way.”