Evaluation Process

Our dyslexia evaluation process effectively identifies the key components of literacy weaknesses contributing to an individual’s challenges with reading, spelling and writing; determining if their profile fits the definition of dyslexia.  

The objective of the evaluation is to determine why an individual is struggling with learning to read and spell and recognize what needs to be done to make significant progress with their literacy skills. 

This evaluation can begin as early as 5 ½ years old, but is necessary at any age if a student continues to struggle with learning to read and spell.  

It is never too late for identifying dyslexia, don’t wait for time to pass if your child is not progressing with reading, spelling and writing.


Structured Literacy Coaching  -  One-on-One Setting

Haley’s Hope offers one-on-one tutoring that greatly improves the reading, spelling and writing skills of children and adults with dyslexia. Our Structured Literacy Coaches are methodically trained in the Orton –Gillingham based Barton Reading and Spelling System™.

If you have tried other reading instruction and have not seen significant progress, you need to call Haley’s Hope. Improvements will be measurable and almost immediate in most cases. 

Our literacy coaches create an environment of reading success; instilling confidence and alleviating the many obstacles typically associated with dyslexia.


Haley’s Hope delivers students and parents proven strategies and direction to adapt their specific learning style to their individual educational environment.

IEP and 504 Plan  Assistance
Time is dedicated to parents by means of assistance in developing specific accommodations and modifications for IEP’s or 504 Plans that will allow their student the opportunity to focus on their individual strengths for a successful educational career. Parents are then prepared with information to guide them through their school meetings in order to become their children biggest advocate. If requested, we will attend the IEP or 504 Plan meetings for additional support and guidance.

Academic Strategies
Dyslexia requires teaching the whole individual through a wide variety of strategies to provide them successful access to curriculum in order to become stronger independent learners. 

Adopting these life changing techniques to overcome the wide variety of challenges dyslexia presents takes patience and understanding from both the student and parent. Success in the classroom leads to better self-esteem and improved grades for all students.

Individual Academic Mentoring: I-AM Programing 

  • Skills Plus: Learn how to successfully manage your materials, time, and information. 
    Summer of 2018 *watch for details to come

  • Assistive Technology: coming soon
  • Math Program: Pilot program release summer of 2018
    Initial focus K-3rd grade* watch for more details to come

  • Handwriting Without Tears: K-2nd grade summer of 2018
    This program was successfully piloted Summer of 2017 with Anne Carlson Center
  • Expressive Writing Program: In the development stage

Learning differences no longer need to dictate the quality of life for people with dyslexia!


Dyslexia Education
Haley's Hope presents widely to community service groups, education students at local universities,
as well as teachers, the medical community, and other professionals looking to gain understanding about dyslexia. 

Haley's Hope is dedicated to changing the way people recognize and understand the way those with dyslexia learn.

Contact us  tracy@haleyshope.org to schedule your Dyslexia Presentation.

“Thanks again for making your presentation to my classes at NDSU and at VCSU. You raised the awareness level of my students when it comes to dyslexia and many of them commented that it was very beneficial.”
— Bob Rohla, VCSU Education | Graduate Studies Instructor