We help form strategies with teachers and schools for students to succeed. This includes guiding students’ Individual Education Plans (IEP) or 504 Plan development.

Teachers and schools aren’t to blame when students with dyslexia can’t keep pace. Nor are moms, dads or children themselves. And we can all be partners at new approaches.

Haley’s Hope helps parents and teachers with proven strategies for dyslexic students to access curricula and become stronger at learning independently. Accommodations may include extra time to complete tests, help with note taking and modified assignments to achieve the same learning objective. The focus is on their personal strengths instead of weaknesses.

Such plans can be informal, or they may be structured, written plans that outline needs and how the school will help a child succeed: called IEP and 504 Plans at school.

We can all help students set realistic goals and see their own successes. We can help them excel in their academic strength areas, and cheer them in athletics, arts or hobbies. All of us can help relate a child’s interests to the demands of real life.

Adopting life-changing techniques to overcome dyslexia takes patience and understanding. Working together, we’re all rewarded to see better self-esteem and improved grades for students.

IEP and 504 Plan Assistance
We’ll prepare you with information, help you understand anything that’s unclear, even attend IEP and 504 Plan meetings for support and guidance.

Study Skills

Getting organized and focusing on studying are a common challenge for kids with dyslexia. It can stop them from learning and affect grades.

Haley’s Hope provides real-world strategies for students at all levels, from elementary through college, so they can reach their true academic potential.

We help students understand how to structure their study time, organize for learning and manage their time.

Individual Academic Mentoring: I-AM Programming
This programs helps students manage materials, time and information to become fluent learners.

Assistive Technology
We can discuss the technology that our students have found helpful for various learning situations.

Math Program
Focused on K-3rd, students gain help with math that is related to dyslexia challenges.

Handwriting Without Tears
For K-2ndgrade, this program has special strategies better than rote repetition of letters and words.