Kari's Family - Left to right :  Somer—Kevin—Kari—Haley

Kari's Family - Left to right:  Somer—Kevin—Kari—Haley

Founder and Dyslexia Specialist - Kari Bucholz

An Interior Designer by trade, Kari had no experience in the clinical or educational field and no idea how to help when it became apparent that her son was not keeping pace with his peers academically. Haley was a poor speller, didn't know his left from his right, and couldn't tie his shoes. He was an intelligent young boy—who was rapidly falling behind in school. She sought answers and advice everywhere she could, but no one could identify the issue. After 2 1/2 long, frustrating years, Kari knew she had to figure this out on her own but had no
idea where to find answers or even where to start looking. Then she remembered a quiet past reference to dyslexia. Kari immediately focused all her energy on learning about dyslexia and the most effective treatment for this learning difference. 

Since Haley was diagnosed, Kari has maintained her focus on helping all individuals with dyslexia. She has done extensive research and completed in-depth master level courses, all in an effort to educate herself and better help Haley and our community. She has the knowledge, understanding, and experience to help children and adults with comprehensive dyslexia attain the necessary skills for school and for life. 




haley's Hope was named after Kari's son Haley

Starting at a very young age, Haley struggled with academics and developmental milestones. He was formally diagnosed with profound dyslexia and severe dysgraphia when he was in first grade, at 7 years old. Post diagnosis, Haley learned to work with his abundant strengths to overcome the weaknesses that are symptomatic of dyslexia. Learning to read and write, although not an easy task, was a life changer for him. It opened up a whole new world and gave him a new outlook on life. He was no longer the child who just couldn’t comprehend things in school. His self esteem returned and his confidence grew with each struggle he was able to overcome. Today, Haley is a success story. He is a confident, gregarious junior in high school and will graduate in 2019 after a promising academic career. As Haley looks forward to college and a career, he knows that he will be successful at anything he sets his mind to.

Haley’s Hope is Kari’s way of paying it forward. Her mission is to ensure that no one will have to endure what she and her family did, and she works toward that goal by helping people overcome the effects of dyslexia every single day.


Meet our Team


Kari Bucholz
Founder, Executive Director


Tracy Dunham
Director of Operations



Laura Wolf
Director of Fiancne


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Structured Literacy Coach


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Structured Literacy Coach


Lauren Ponwith
Office Coordinator
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Structured Literacy Coach